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We offer more than surgery – we offer long-term lifestyle support.

Exercise PhysiologistFact: Exercising regularly not only helps you lose weight, but it can help you overcome emotional and psychological issues resulting in enhanced self-confidence and sense of well-being. 

At Credit Valley Clinic, we specialize in helping individuals with weight problems.  Our exercise program is modified for each individual to achieve optimal results.

Establishing a personalized routine according to your specific health requirements makes it easier to accomplish holistic and sustainable results. Our weight loss clinic serving Mississauga, Oakville as well as the Greater Toronto Area offers a tailored fitness program which allows you to work individually, or in a group, with experienced exercise physiologist, Isolde Spies. Regular exercise appointments at Credit Valley Clinic will help you make time for workouts and keep on track to feeling and being healthier.

Read our fitness blog for easy exercise tips that will keep you moving towards good health.

The benefits of our exercise program: 

  • Individual/group sessions with our expert exercise physiologist: Each one-hour session is closely supervised by our experienced exercise physiologist, Isolde Spies who specializes in cardiovascular and resistance training.
  • Personalized routines updated to meet your changing needs: It’s important to find an activity that you like and incorporate it into your fitness routine. This not only helps meet your weight loss goals but identifies an exercise system you can continue even later on, to stay fit. Credit Valley Clinic’s fitness expert will help you figure out what you’re comfortable with and design each workout to suit your specific health and fitness needs. Data will be also collected on a regular basis to track your progress and modify programs to meet your changing needs.
  • Maximum results with minimized risk: Working with our expert exercise physiologist ensures that you exercise with proper form and technique. Our result-oriented programs aim at maximizing your effort while minimizing the risk of injury. In addition, studies have shown that people who work with an exercise physiologist will achieve up to 80% better results, three times faster than on their own. Contact us for more information on individual and group rates.

Weight Loss Exercise ProgramsCredit Valley Clinic’s exercise programs are conducted in a non-formal and friendly atmosphere with a lot of support and encouragement from our fitness expert and fellow patients. You will learn how to exercise safely and effectively to maximize your potential and accomplish your goals.

Read our eligibility requirements to determine if you are a candidate for band weight loss surgery and call us to book a free consultation.

Credit Valley Clinic’s additional patient services include:

We know it takes great strength to accomplish weight-adjustment goals. We offer these services to help motivate you to become healthier – both mentally and physically. You are not alone.

Call us or fill out our patient questionnaire to get started on any of these options.



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